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Course Materials

I Term Jurisprudence-I (Legal Method) July 2016

I Term Law of Crimes - I July 2016

I Term Law of Torts July 2016

I Term LB-105 - Family Law July 2017

I Term LB-105 - Family Law July 2017 Full Material

I Term Principles of Contract July 2016

III Term Code of Civil Procedure July 2016

LB-303 Company Law Contents


III Term Constitutional Law July 2016

LB- 3034 - Law of Crimes -IIII

III Term Legal Philosphy July 2016


III Term Private International Law July 2016

III Term Special Contracts July 2016

V Term International Trade Law

V Term Business Regulation July 2016

V Term Criminology

LB-502 Drafting, Pleadings ,content DPC

LB-502 Drafting, Pleadings, Full Material

LB-503 INDUSTRIAL LAW Full material with content

LB-5031 Information Technology Law Full material with content

V Term Intellectual Property Right July 2016

LB - 5032 Jurisprudence - II

V Term Rent Control and Slum Clearance July 2016

LB-201 Evidence Full Material, January 2017

LB-202 - Family Law Full Case Material January 2017

LB-202 Content Family Law January, 2017

LB-203- Law of Crimes -II Full Material Jan 2017

LB-203 LawofCrimes_II_FinalContent2017

LB-204 Property Law Full Material January 2017

LB-204 Property Law (TPA) January 2017

LB-205 Content Public International Law -I January -2017

LB-205 Public International Law-I Full Material January 2017

Contents of Labour Law New Material 2017

LB-404 Labour Law Full Material January, 2017

Content LB-401 Constitutional Law-II Material 2017

LB-401 Constitutional Law II Full material January 2017

LB-402 Administrative Law Full Material January 2017

LB-402 Contents ADMIN LAW Final January 2017

LB-404 Content Intellectual Property Law 2017

LB-404 Intellectual Property Law Full Material January 2017

Content LB-4031 - GENDER JUSTICE AND Feminist Jurisprudence Full Material January 2017


International Institutions

LB-6031 Contents Interpretation of Statutes 2016

LB-6031 Interpretation of Stautes Full Material January 2017

LB-6032-Banking, Insurance Law and Negotiable Instruments

LB-6033 - Content Election Laws

LB-6033 Law of Elections (LB - 6044), 2016

LB-6034 Content Minor Acts and Supreme Court Rules

LB-6034 Minor Act Case Full Material

Taxation Laws contents Jan 2017

LB-604 Taxation Laws Full Material January 2017

12. Heywood - Feminism (Page No. 58 to 77)

LB-602 Moot Court Mock Trial and Internship - Full

LB-106 Advocay and Professional Ethics materials full