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Course Materials

I Term Jurisprudence-I (Legal Method) July 2016

I Term Law of Crimes - I July 2016

I Term Law of Torts July 2016

I Term LB-105 - Family Law July 2016

I Term Principles of Contract July 2016

III Term Code of Civil Procedure July 2016

III Term Company Law, July 2016

III Term Constitutional Law July 2016

III Term Law of Crimes - III July 2016

III Term Legal Philosphy July 2016

III Term Media Law July 2016

III Term Private International Law July 2016

III Term Special Contracts July 2016

V Term Arbitration, Conciliation & Negotiation July 2016

V Term Business Regulation July 2016

V Term Criminology July 2016

V Term Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance July 2016

V Term Industrial Law July 2016

V Term Information Technology July 2016

V Term Intellectual Property Right July 2016

V Term Jurisprudence-II, July 2016

V Term Rent Control and Slum Clearance July 2016

LB-201 Evidence Full Material, January 2017

LB-202 - Family Law Full Case Material January 2017

LB-202 Content Family Law January, 2017

LB-203- Law of Crimes -II Full Material Jan 2017

LB-203 LawofCrimes_II_FinalContent2017

LB-204 Property Law Full Material January 2017

LB-204 Property Law (TPA) January 2017

LB-205 Content Public International Law -I January -2017

LB-205 Public International Law-I Full Material January 2017

Contents of Labour Law New Material 2017

LB-404 Labour Law Full Material January, 2017

Content LB-401 Constitutional Law-II Material 2017

LB-401 Constitutional Law II Full material January 2017

LB-402 Administrative Law Full Material January 2017

LB-402 Contents ADMIN LAW Final January 2017

LB-404 Content Intellectual Property Law 2017

LB-404 Intellectual Property Law Full Material January 2017

Content LB-4031 - GENDER JUSTICE AND Feminist Jurisprudence Full Material January 2017


International Institutions

LB-6031 Contents Interpretation of Statutes 2016

LB-6031 Interpretation of Stautes Full Material January 2017

LB-6032-Banking, Insurance Law and Negotiable Instruments

LB-6033 - Content Election Laws

LB-6033 Law of Elections (LB - 6044), 2016

LB-6034 Content Minor Acts and Supreme Court Rules

LB-6034 Minor Act Case Full Material

Taxation Laws contents Jan 2017

LB-604 Taxation Laws Full Material January 2017

12. Heywood - Feminism (Page No. 58 to 77)

LB-602 Moot Court Mock Trial and Internship - Full

LB-106 Advocay and Professional Ethics materials full