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Dean's Message


Prof. (Dr.) Vandana

Dean & Head

We have asked many generations of students entering the Faculty of Law why they have taken admission in law. The answered varied but most of them said they think that law is an instrument of justice and they want to promote justice in society by learning law so that they may use it effectively as lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, police officers or whatever else they wanted to become. And, of course, there has been no uniformity in answers to the follow up question, what does ‘justice’ mean? These students feel very confused when they realize that there is no one definition of justice. What is justice from one perspective may seem injustice from another view point.

We do not promise to help you to resolve this confusion during the period you will be studying with us. What we do hope is that by the end of your degree programme, you will learn that there are multiple ways to understand law and social situations, that there is no one answer, and certainly there is never one correct answer. Lawyering is a discipline which teaches one to agree to disagree, to accept that there are multiple meanings to the same words. Advocacy is about persuading another to agree to your view point but that does not mean that the other view point does not exist or it is wrong.

I, on behalf of all my colleagues, non-teaching and library staff welcome all the students of Faculty of Law pursuing various degree programmes to have a wonderful time with us. I hope that your interactions with each other, faculty and others will open new vistas of knowledge and you will be leaving the Faculty of Law as a better person and a legal pundit. My fleeting hope is that some of you will return and join us as teachers not only to teach law but to inculcate high moral value in each student who passes out from the Faculty of Law